The apheresis process causes a reduction in platelets, so I’m going to get some before I’m sent home for the day. I’ve never had any blood products before. I just received 2 Tyelnol caplets and one Benedryl caplet. The platelets will be here in about 10 minutes. I’ll take a picture so you can see what they look like.


  1. Jude

    You mean you are doing your own camera work in the apheresis? As far as photos of the platelets–a bag is a bag is a bag except it is yellow! Did the 2 Tyelnol caplets and one Benedryl caplet make you sleepy? I always get a good snooze.

  2. minnesotadon

    I love pictures! Would like to see the platelets.

    We three are thinking about you all the time Beth, wishing for the best.


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