I was fairly disturbed when I got my mail today, and found campaign literature from a local man who is trying to keep his seat in the NC House. It’s not likely he will, because he’s in the dog house with the local Republican party. Anyway, back to the item that caused my blood to nearly boil. The campaign literature is covered with pictures of President Reagan. I remembered how the Reagan family was upset the Pres. Bush used his pictures in some campaign ad, and their spokesperson issued a press release saying that permission was needed before anyone could use his likeness. She also added that permission was not likely to be given.

I emailed the candidate and told him I thought his use of the images was opportunistic and disrespectful. (In such poor taste!) I sent a copy of my message to the local newspaper too.

Why did this make me so mad? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I just got home from seeing Fahrenheit 9/11. I’ve never trusted politicians. The movie brought a lot of issues to the foreground for me, and I wasn’t feeling very forgiving.