Pressure point for hiccups

There are lots of drugs that produce a side effect of hiccups, and dex is one of them. My acupuncturist recommended that I try applying pressure to an area of my wrist to see if that would stop the hiccups I get when I’m on dex pulses. I did try it, and it works for me! Here’s a picture of the area of my wrist that I apply pressure to with the thumb of my opposite hand. Apply the pressure until you feel a bit of an ache. Once I do this, my hiccups stop after just a few more. It’s like magic.

It’s the same place where the Seaband device applies its pressure to help prevent seasickness. He also said that Seaband is good for use with chemo induced nausea.

Basically, it’s the underside of your wrist, beneath the palm and toward the center of the wrist. Apply pressure with your thumb (do both wrists if the first one doesn’t provide relief). I get relief within 2 hiccups!

This is the area


  1. rich fuller

    thanks for the tip! It works! not 100%, but they go away for60% of the time.(then I press my wrists again!) sure beats having hiccups 100% of the time! Mine are due to chemo. Anything to make THAT easier is a blessing!
    Mahalo..Rich Fuller

  2. Deborah

    My nephew WANTS to get the hiccups! :) … glad you found a way to get rid of them!

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