The dex makes me more vocal. These have always been rants, but I probably didn’t share them so freely.

People who speed in residential areas. What’s the hurry? Can we have more speed bumps?

Car dealers who lie or do anything to make a sale. Coming soon – a web site featuring my letter to Toyota and their response.

Finding porn and mp3s on an employee’s (er, ex-employee’s) computer. No unemployment for that one! North Carolina is pretty much a pro-employer state, and our denials for unemployment have always been upheld.

Noise. I like peace & quiet. Noise is stressful for me. What’s noise? Other people’s loud music, televisions that nobody is watching, people who talk too much.

Dex. It makes me cranky, makes me lose sleep, gain weight, lose hair, gives me indigestion, hiccups and is just a very hard drug to be on at these doses.

People who litter.

People who abuse or mistreat children, animals and other people.