I got the results from Dr. Orlowski from my labs yesterday. The IgA is about where it was last month. It’s at 824 mg/dL (was 829 last month). This is the first month since I started treatment that it didn’t go down. At least it didn’t go up, and I’m grateful for that. I’ll see if the change in the way I do my dex pulses will help.

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  1. Beth

    This is the message from my Dr.

    Your results from yesterday on the IgA are 824 mg/dL, which is about the
    same as the month before (829 last month). The CBC results were all
    within normal limits, with the WBC being 9.3, the Hgb 13.9, the Hct
    39.8, and the Platelets were 324,000.

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