My doctor said that Revimid ( will soon be approved for use with Myelodysplastic Syndromes. This means that it can be prescribed off label for MM patients, just as Thalomid now is. Revimid works in much the same way as Thalomid, but without the PN and constipation. There are other side effects though. He told me that it can cause thrombocytopenia (platelets are tiny cells which circulate in the blood and whose function is to take part in the clotting process) and neutropenia (reduction of the number of neutrophils, white blood cells that are first line of defense to fight infections), which usually shows up in people who already have low platelets and neutrophils. It’s also known for causing a rash, that will most likely resolve after an adjustment period.

So it looks like soon, there’ll be another drug for use against MM without having to be enrolled in a clinical trial.


  1. Teresa Davidson

    As of right now, my father only has signs of low platlets. Will this drug work for him? He will get a full report on Fri. when he sees the Doc again. He will be going to the “Baptist” Hospital in Wiston Salem NC. Any info you can give would be great. What should we expect?

  2. Nellie Irvine

    Hi Beth,
    Revimid is what I am waiting for.
    I am having all sorts of problems with my computer, said I needed more Ram and I added over 100MB still cannot e-mail. I go back to the Onc the 13th. He mentioned Thal/dex last week, but I do not want the PN, will ask him if we can just use dex alone. Have other things to say but will wait until I can e-mail you privately.

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