Rochester, MN

I’m here in Rochester, MN, at the home of the Mayo Clinic. I arrived today in preparation for my appointments starting tomorrow morning at 8:05. I’m staying at the Marriott Springhill Suite, which is pretty nice. It’s nice being in the midwest. People are friendly and the drivers are extremely sane here.

I’ll post more about my experiences as they happen. I’m not really sure what’s going to happen over the next few days. Probably tests and x-rays. I’m sure there’s a bone marrow biopsy in my immediate future.


  1. pvdubose


    I’m a bit curious – why Mayo in Rochester vs. Mayo in Jax ? Is there a particular trial in Rochester that’s not
    in Jax ?

    Patricia (outside of Jax.,FL)

  2. Lopo

    I wish you all the best and what I promised will be kept.


    beth, I am a physician and my wife (at age 35) was diagnosed with mm 3 years ago. we live in michigan and she has been going to mayo since diagnosed. she sees dr. dispenzieri. you will not find a more impressive place than mayo clinic. everyone, most important, the docs, are outstanding. good luck, I enjoy your blog!


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