I just got email from Dr. Orlowski that my IgA is now 911 mg/dL, which is almost a 10% drop since May 15th, when it was 995 mg/dL.

Date IgA IgG IgM
May15 995 274 10
June 11 911 292 8

This is all I have for now. I know that he was going to do a CBC and test C-reactive protein, as well as beta-2 microglobulin. I asked to have the full report faxed to me. I had a CBC done in Pinehurst on Friday, and was told that my hemoglobin was 14.5!

Keep in mind that I started treatment on April 4, 2003. I think this is a good response for about 2 months of treatment and the minimum thalidomide dose.