Yesterday I went to the Healthy Back Store in Cary, NC to try out some mattresses. At one point, I had called Craftmatic about their beds, and decided against them for a few reasons. Primarily, there is no place you can test them. Secondly, the cost is prohibitive. The Healthy Back Store has several models of adjustable beds to choose from, and I tried them all. I tested the Tempur-Pedic model first. It was comfortable and has a massage feature. I also tried two of the store’s own adjustable beds, and am going to get one of those. All beds had the massage function.

I don’t think there is such a thing as an inexpensive adjustable bed, but the one I decided on is still $1,000 less than the Craftmatic, I got to test it, and it has a 20 year guarantee. I hope I will live long enough to get the full benefit of the guarantee! Oh! All the beds I tested have a 90 day return.

While we were there, my friend’s husband was spinng their two-year old around in the office chairs they had for sale… about an hour later, guess who got sick in my car?