I just sent a complaint to the local hospital, and asked them if there really has to be a smoking area on the parking deck right outside outpatient chemo. I’m trying to reduce my exposure to toxins, and I resent having to either hold my breath or inhale the second hand smoke from the groups of healthcare workers who gather out there to smoke. I think I may have been a little snotty, but hey! I’m on dex! Feel free to comment. Flames accepted, as long as there’s no smoke. To read their response, please click on “comments.” It’s pretty nice, considering the tone of my complaint.

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  1. Beth

    This is the response from FirstHealth:
    Dear Ms. Morgan
    Thanks for your recent e-mail regarding smoking outside the entrance to the Oncology Center. I agree with your observations that smoking is indeed a danger to one’s health. We have taken steps to place all smokers away from the entrance to the center so that they will not interfere with our patients and visitors entering at that point. We have placed markers on the pavement to indicate a non-smoking zone. However we cannot prevent our patients or their families from smoking and our employees are restricted to the marked areas only. Our efforts are directed to making sure that when they smoke it is away from the entrance. While we continue to hope that everyone would not smoke we realize that is not always possible. We will continue to strive to make this entire campus smoke free. I appreciate your concern and will make sure your comments are included in our discussions on this issue. Thank you for taking time to send us your comments.

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