Snake in the grass

This is a snake that was in my yard in Southern Pines  just a little while ago.  I usually find snakes in my pool a few times a year, but I’ve never seen one in the grass.  I’d say it’s close to 2 feet long.  It’s black with a white underside. Creepy!

Snake Southern Pines NC back yard


  1. Chris VanHonk

    Could be a king snake. They are good to have around. They eat other snakes.

  2. Boris

    Beth – I’m not a snake expert, but this could be a black rat snake. It’s apparently common in your area. Here is some info about the species: . You can also use this tool ( ) to try and identify what kind of snake it is that you saw.

    I hope you don’t find more of them in your yard and around the house!

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