A Southern Pines Sunset

It’s been raining off and on for a few days, which is good. We needed it. I think we might continue to have showers over the next few days, but I usually don’t pay much attention to weather forecasts.  I just wait and see what happens.  I’ve known people whose every movement hinged on the weather forecast and that never made any sense to me.  It wasn’t like they were farmers or anything.

Anyway, it was a great night for a walk, so Buddy and I went out. I took this picture with my trusty iPhone.

Sunset in Southern Pines North Carolina


  1. Sandy Banks

    When I was living on a boat, I paid a lot of attention to the weather forecasters. However, over time I learned to do it for myself by studying the clouds and became more accurate than they were – primarily because they had an obligation to make sure that people didn’t avoid the beaches on weekends – for the tourist income!!!
    This shot suggests that you were about to have a break in the weather with a sunny day to follow – a lovely shot!


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