My blog has been getting spammed every day. The junk messages don’t appear on the site, but they come to me via email, since I have the blog configured to wait for my approval before posting comments. Thanks to those spamming losers, I have shut off comments to all but registered users. I hope you’ll register and continue to post your comments and thoughts. If you have any trouble, please let me know.

I still stand by my opinion that spam would be of little vaule to the pond scum that send it if people refused to do business with them. Therefore, I think it’s the people who BUY their junk that we should be punishing (in addition to spammers). This is my idea for a nationwide public awareness campaign slogan and bumper sticker:

“Buy from a spammer, and go to the slammer!”


If it seems like I’m obsessed with junk email, it’s because I am. I’ve seen what it can do to a server and a network. My company uses filtering to weed out pretty much all the junk mail that comes in, but we’ve had to invest a small fortune in the equipment and software it takes to do that. We still have to spend time maintaining it. Before that, I spent hours and hours manually configuring spam filters I constructed myself. This has been going on for years. I think it was 1998 when I was interviewed by Computerworld magazine about the steps I was taking then to combat spam. It was nothing then, compared to what the situation is now.

I have finally decided what the ultimate solution to spam is. We must punish the people who buy things from spammers. People spam because it benefits them financially. If we imprison the buyers, then we put an end to the nightmare! I have a slogan for the bumper sticker: “Buy from a spammer and go to the slammer.” I would also like to volunteer to speak at elementary schools (we have to start educating kids at a young age).

Let’s rid the world of this sickness!

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  1. Robert F.Oberle

    Amen, Amen on the spam issue, Beth. Concerning the fear of the SCT: I was a little apprehensive myself, but after speaking with the NP-Onc who is the coordinator of the program, most of the fears were alleviated. My oncology group does most of their SCT’s on an outpatient basis, but a full-time caretaker is necessary. So, they admitted me to Fairfax Hospital for 21 days. The whole procedure was textbook – and the remission has lasted just about a year now. My last BMB (last week) was entirely normal, all chemistries and CBC normal, UPEP normal, B2M and CRP normal, and

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