Spring is definitely here!

According to the Ohio State University Extension fact sheet on wisteria (Wisteria sinensis), it’s a member of the pea family!  I think wisteria is a beautiful plant, but many here in NC think it’s a monster, because it devours its host.  Around here, you see it everywhere, growing on any tree or structure it can find.  I found this vine on some trees behind our office.
Wisteria in Southern Pines

Another sure sign of spring (aside from the haze of yellow pine pollen currently engulfing us), are the blossoming of azaleas.  These are in front of my house.

Southern Pines azaleas


  1. John

    Beautiful photos! :)

  2. Sandy Banks

    I can smell that beautiful wisteria from here!!!

  3. Paula Kilgallon

    Just gorgeous, I love wisteria, magnolias and peonies. Saw the magnolias on Sandy’s blog. Thought maybe I could show the peonies but I think the unuual snow we had has finished mine off.

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