Started the CNTO 328 Trial

I started my treatment with CNTO 328 yesterday. It’s a monoclonal antibody against interleuken-6 (IL-6), which is a major growth factor for MM. The idea is to starve the cells so they die off. Since I’m in a trial, I have tons of tests done. My first infusion was yesterday, and blood was drawn every few hours. I went back again today for more, and will go again on Thursday. I’ll have an infusion every other week and go for labs on the weeks in between. During the study, I’ll actually only receive 4 infusions. They did say that any patient whose disease responds to the drug can continue to receive treatment.

I’ve had no noticeable side effects, and the doctors and staff all told me none of the other ptaients in the trial here have either. I can’t wait to see if this stuff helps!


  1. Laura

    Hi I was wondering how you got on with this treatment?

    • Beth

      Hi –

      It had no effect on my MM. I ended up having to take something for extremely elevated triglycerides, too. There were no other noticeable side effects for me. Are you thinking of trying it? I’ve never heard about anyone else being on it.



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