Starting second cycle

I started my second cycle of Rev/dex yesterday. So far, nothing bad! Just the dex sleeplessness and a bit of a headache. Normal dex stuff. Just 3 more months to go, and then I go to dex just 4 days a month and the Revlimid 21 days, like now. I had the quantitative Ig’s and SPEP done, as well as CBCs. The CBCs were all in the normal range. The RBC, HGB and HCT are all at the low end, but still in the normal range!

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  1. seechuk

    Hi Beth:

    Good luck with the myeloma. I have it to a lesser degree (no bone pain, no high calcium, just high IgG and low IgM and IgA. I thought the thal-dex program was a fairly mild regimen, but from reading what you’re going through, it’s not. Do you think your side effects are common with others? I know you mentioned one person who had no trouble working during this program. Has the doctor indicated that you are an exception or the rule with these side effects? Thanks.


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