Tadpole Salad

This is a video of some tadpoles that live in the water that’s collected on top of my pool cover. They’re eating some salad greens I tossed onto the water for them. There are hundreds left, even though I’ve given at least a hundred away for kids to watch as they develop into toads or frogs, or whatever they’ll be. They don’t have legs yet, so it could be some weeks before they leave. If you’re local and would like some pollywogs for your classroom aquarium, let me know.


  1. Janet


    Nice of you to enjoy and share these little things of life. Seems that it could get pretty noisy around there when all these little critters grow up. I’ve been enjoying watching the turkeys come thru my place. (I put out some wheat and corn and veggie scraps for them.) The toms are so macho strutting their stuff and showing off for the ladies. Hunting season has opened and the hens are starting to nest so they’re coming in smaller groups now.

    Sure do enjoy spring!



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