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There’s a moon

This is a view of the moon through the clouds. It was such a striking image that I had to take a pic with my phone.

The moon in my back yard
The moon as seen from my back yard

There’s a moon
It’s in the sky
It’s called the moon
And everybody is there
– The B-52’s

As M knows, I can tell you (because I learned this from a recent dream) if aliens ever arrive on earth and try to kidnap us using their blue light, all we have to do is sing!  They hate music, apparently.  It drives them right off.

Jupiter! (From Pilot Mountain)

NASA image of Jupiter
NASA image of Jupiter

I had a chance to see Jupiter Saturday night! The Forsyth Astronomical Society (FAS) had a public observation event at Pilot Mountain State Park.  I looked at the moon quite a bit, too. To be able to see those objects in such great detail is amazing. When I was in college I got to view Saturn one night, but I had forgotten how incredible it is.  The FAS holds four public viewings a year.  I plan on being at the next one!

The FAS members were extremely friendly and eager to share their knowledge.