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About being registered to vote in more than one state

There have been some questions lately, especially among college students, about whether it’s ok to be registered to vote in two states.  The answer to that question is NO.  It’s not ok to be registered to vote in two states.  When you move from one state to another, it’s YOUR responsibility to notify the old state that you have moved. According to our local board of elections, it can be considered a felony to maintain voter registration in more than one state.  If you have voted in a state in which you are not a resident, you have committed a crime.  You will want to choose ONE state in which to maintain voter registration, and notify all others.  Contact the board of elections in your area to find out how to do that.  Please do not find yourself in a situation in which you could be tried for voter fraud. Voter rolls are being scrutinized in the battleground states!  Worst case scenario = fines and prison.

See you at the polls on November 4

I got my assignment for election day.  I’ll be working at the polls as a greeter, rather than driving voters.  I think this will be more fun.  I’ll get to see more people that way.

I’ll be glad to see this election over and done with.  We’re all getting tired of the negative ads and speeches.  I hope people are just ignoring them.

Getting to the polls

I volunteered to get voters to the polls either on election day or to early voting.  It’s very important to vote this year November 4th (or earlier).  Don’t let lack of transportation get in your way.  Someone will come and get you!  Call your local party’s headquarters and ask if there’s someone there who can come and get you. Don’t be shy!