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Exactly how to throw a party

What a great party! We had the honor of attending our sister’s 50th birthday party last night. It was perfect! The guests were a great group of people, the food was outstanding and the music was great. This one surpassed even a “Night Affair on Elm Street.”

Everyone should now go on over to the WriterHouse web site to make a donation in honor of Rachel’s birthday.

Beautifully presented food was a part of the celebration
Beautifully presented food was a part of the celebration

Our sister’s project is featured on the local news!

Rachel’s project, WriterHouse, has been featured on Charlottesville’s NBC affiliate station, channel 29. Click here to read the story.

Writer House get some media attention

WriterHouse web site Charlottesville Virginia

None of the WriterHouse members wrote this article! They would have used a spell checker. Actually, they wouldn’t need to use a spell checker.  Some of them are competitors in the area’s annual spelling contest to raise money for literacy.

You can visit their web site at http://writerhouse.org.

The mission of WriterHouse is to promote the creation and appreciation of literature and to encourage the development of writers of all levels by providing affordable, secure workspace and meeting space, high quality writing instruction, and literary events for the public.

WriterHouse, Inc. is a non-profit organization, exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code, and registered as a charitable organization with the Virginia State Office of Consumer Affairs. A financial statement is available from the State Office of Consumer Affairs in the the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services upon request.

Contact Rachel Unkefer for more information.