Test results and other stuff

I had blood drawn on 6/3, and got the results back today.

Test: Result (Normal Range)

IGG: 455 (600-1700)
IGM: 34 (35-290)
IGA: 466 (40-400)

This is from last time, so you can see there’s not much change!

IGG: 466 (600-1700)
IGM: 31 (35-290)
IGA: 408 (40-400)

I found a new web site that I’m still checking out.  It has details about lab tests and other info.

Anyway, the doc says I’m still smoldering!

I was at Five Points Pet Resort a couple of weeks ago, where this green-winged macaw engaged us.  He has a lot of personality!


  1. Janet


    Great news on your test results! Keep it up! How often are you going in for testing now?

    Thanks for sharing the video clip.


    • Beth

      I’m just going every six months now. It was weird to tell the nurses I’d see them in the winter. I’ll miss seeing them!

      I hope you’re doing ok.

  2. Sandy Banks

    I have had companion birds and they are delightful creatures! But when the bird is going to live to 50 and you are already there, it is not really fair to it to take it on… thanks for sharing this colorful creature with us!


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