Loads of tests before SCT

I had a pulmonary function test (PFT), echocardiogram, bone marrow biopsy and tons of blood drawn yesterday. I know I did well on the PFT. I use about 98% of my lung capacity and the other parts of the test seemed to have good results too. I won’t have any results of the bone marrow for some days. I’m not sure what all tests will be run on the marrow sample. I’m going to say that this one wasn’t the worst one I’ve had. That was at Duke. It did hurt, and still does. They didn’t use the type of needle I like. My ECG showed some heart abnormalities, so I’m going to see my cardiologist here to find out what he thinks of the report. If you happen to know what apical-septum and apical-inferior hypokinesis are, let me know. And if you know that, maybe you can tell me what these remarks mean too: left atrium size moderately dilated and left ventricle size mildly dilated. I also have a trace of tricuspid regurgitation. I’ll post my findings after I see the doctor. I would imagine they’re still going to let me have the chemo. That’s a week from now. I asked if I was going to lose my hair and the nurse told me yes. I kind of thought that would happen, but wasn’t sure.

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