I got my pregnancy test done today at the local clinic. The results were faxed to Celgene, and my thalidomide rx was released to me, so I’m set for another 28 days.

I had blood drawn last Thursday, and expected to have the results today, but nobody could find the report. The doctor said that he had seen the report, and “everything looked good.” Apparently that’s good enough for his other patients, but I like to see the report and have my own copy. The last two months have been unlucky for me, as far as that goes. I asked him if he knew what my serum IgA was, and he read the number from my August test. Oh well. I’ll wait until my November appointment at UNC for a complete report. This month I went to the local clinic for tests, since my UNC doctor was out of the country. I’ll know better next time.


  1. Beth

    I’ll email you privately about this.

  2. Martine Brunet

    I have been logging on your site as well as Dan’s and Jon’s since June. My husband, Jean-Pierre (42) has been diagnosed with MM in August. He has T5 involvement for which radiation did nothing. As far as MM goes, he has a light kappa chain type with no abnormalities in the blood and a very small qty in the urine. Before starting Thal and Dex, we are going down to the Burzinsky clinic after talking to Dave Emerson who had similar characteristics and was cured with that. I was thinking of having a site but would like your input as to how involved this is. We both work full time + we have no website skills. The alternative is to post progress on the acor webside. Like you, we are not all that thrilled with the transplant and our experience of having to pry info from doctors has been the same.

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Yesterday I had blood drawn in Pinehurst. This month my doctor is out of the country, so I didn’t make the trip tp UNC. When I was asking the local oncologist’s nurse to run the tests for me, I realized I didn’t know exactly what they’re called. I know I get a CBC and chemistry. Then I also get something that tells me what my immunoglobulins are doing. I thought it was SPEP, but it turns out it’s SIEP. She asked if I wanted a metabolic panel, and I just said I mostly care about my kidneys, so as long as I see what my creatinine is, I’ll be ok.

I’m going to have to ask the doctor to write this stuff down for me!

I’ll get the results on Monday when I see the local oncologist.