Thanks, Michael McKean!

Michael McKean played on Jeopardy tonight for the IMF and another charity. He won! His total haul was $50,000, and I suppose the International Myeloma Foundation gets half! Yay! Thanks, Michael!


  1. cdfchief

    Hi Beth,
    Been a while since we email “chatted” How are you? Guess you saw that I broke some ribs. Doing much better after a week of recovery.
    Have you decided on when you are going for the psct?

    Have you tried to use Google Talk? We do and it works fine.

    Eric Vogt

  2. Gina

    Hello Beth. I am happy to have found your blog. We have much in common, not the least of which is our call to the cause for a cure for MM. My mom has MM and will soon begin stem cell transplant procedures at UAMS. I would be interested in corresponding with you personally. Is this possible? I think we live near one another…


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