I want to thank everyone for being there for me! Thanks to my family for checking up on me and helping out when I need it. I’m not one to ask for help, but when I do ask, they’re there. Thanks to LN for calling me every day and making sure I’m ok, and for taking all that time off work to come and see me (I know you’d do anything for me, and I really appreciate that). Thanks to CH for checking up on me when I’m not so active on the list. DH, thanks for calling, and I’m sorry I haven’t felt so great the last few weeks to talk much. You too, PG! SH & GM, you’re always there for me too! And ZM and JW, even though you’re struggling with your own cancers, thanks for staying in touch. Thanks to everyone at work for taking up the slack and never complaining.

Thanks everyone!


  1. DH

    Howdy EM! :) Good to see you! Thanks for the wave. We’ll talk again when you feel like it.

  2. LN

    YOU are VERY welcome!


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I appreciate you for doing this website. It is a marvel. Thanks. Many myelomics need a place just like this…non intimidating, friendly, hopeful. Please continue to keep us posted about your activities, life and treatment. We are al in this together! (Still jealous “cause you have the best doctor!) B