The Boston trip

As I mentioned, I had an appointment at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute last week. I was foolish enough to think I should drive. Flying scares me, especially since the SARS outbreaks started earlier this year. I started off for Boston last Wednesday. Within a few hours, I was feeling pain and discomfort in my right leg. I ignored it and kept on. By the time we stopped in Harrisburg, PA 9 hours later, it was unbearable. I hardly slept that night. When I got up about 4:00 am Thursday, I made the decision to reschedule my appointment and not continue with the trip at that time. We spent the next 2 days making our way back to North Carolina, with an overnight stop at my sister’s home in Virginia. I finally feel like I’ve recovered now. I’m sure that I could make the trip again if I took more time, and stopped every hour to walk and stretch my legs. I have to get used to things being different now, and give myself more time to get places. Once my back heals up, maybe driving will be pleasurable once again.