The effects of diet

There’s something to be said for a healthy diet. I wish I’d made changes years ago. Like a lot of people, I don’t do much of anything until I have to. Since I cut out dairy, sugar, processed foods, and coffee (and any beverages but water, tea and juice), I’ve noticed a lot of changes. I used to have a clogged feeling in my sinuses all the time. It felt like I was breathing through pin holes! Now I can take a deep breath through my nose and not pass out from lack of oxygen. :) I haven’t had that stuffy feeling in months. The first few weeks, my nose ran copiously, but now that’s a rare event. My rough elbows are gone too! Now the skin is smooth as a baby’s bottom! I had been seeing a dermatologist for acne and rosacea, and guess what? That’s all gone too.

Before dx, I had a lot of stomach problems. I don’t know what caused them. It could have been coffee or dairy (or all the other crap). I just felt yucky almost every day. I no longer have that problem.

No doctor I ever saw for any problem I had discussed changes in diet with me. I imagine it would have been wasted anyway. I just wasn’t ready for that. I’m afraid I’ve become a little preachy to friends and family about the importance of cutting the garbage out of one’s diet.

In addition to what I mentioned above, I also saw a drop in my serum IgA and M-spikes. I will have another SIEP test on May 15th, and will post the results here. We’ll see how the diet, thalidomide and dexamethasone are doing against the MM.