Time passes

It’s been about a year since I learned I have multiple myeloma.

If I had done exactly as the doctor at Duke wanted me to do, I’d have started either VAD or VDD (clinical trial) back in February of 2003, and proceeded directly to an auto SCT. I would think that my SCT would have been scheduled for June or July, and I’d be pretty close to 6 months beyond it by now.

Instead, I let my fear guide me, and I’m still struggling with the whole thing. I’m still here, and I’m still ok. I have some neuropathy from thalidomide. My IgA is lower than it was a year ago. The thing is, had I just charged ahead, it would be over with now. It would be well in the past.

I think I believed that I was going to be able to avoid any harsh treatments. I thought I was going to have a speedy and complete remission with no side effects. It does happen, you know!

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  1. Dan Bammes

    My cancer adventure began on January 10, 2003. That’s the day I broke a rib coughing and wound up in the emergency room. The followup from that visit led to my diagnosis of multiple myeloma.

    Beth, I think the path you’ve chosen is just as valid as mine. I did the SCT, but I don’t know that the way you’ve approached it diminishes your long-term prospects. You haven’t had the horrors I did along the way — like the stroke in August. Anyone who approaches this disease without some fear simply doesn’t understand the situation.

    I just feel like giving you a hug and saying you’re not alone in this. Who knew this adventure would give you friends in far-away, exotic places like – uh – Utah?

    Just glad you’re around. Thanks for keeping up the weblog.


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