Treatment possibility

I’ve been taking Thalomid for 10 months now, and have experienced some peripheral neuropathy. It’s to a point where I know I don’t want it to get any worse, so I’ve made a decision to stop it. I stayed on a low dose of just 50 mg/day for the entire time, hoping that I wouldn’t have this side effect (nerve damage). I’m seriously thinking about enrolling in a Revimid trial at Duke. The trial is CC-5013 Plus Dexamethasone Versus Dexamethasone Alone in Previously Treated Subjects with Multiple Myeloma. The way it appears, I could wind up only being treated with steroids and a placebo, but I’m willing to give that a try too. I just know I don’t want to have any more nerve damage done. I called the number at Duke and left a message to try to get more info.

I still have no word about my dog. I hope I’ll hear something soon!