I’m on the CNTO 328 trial, as you know. So far, I’m not sure what to make of the results. My IgA was in the 1600s at the start, then went to the 1800s. Last week it was 2411. Yesterday it was 2052. I suppose we won’t really know whether it’s helped or not until the trial is complete. I have infusion #4 on Tuesday. A few weeks later, there’ll be another bone marrow biopsy and some bloodwoork. I hope it does end up working. I’ve been told it could work very slowly, so my IgA could go down.

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  1. lankheet


    I am told it takes 6-8 weeks to “clear” the old IgX from your system, even if no more is being produced. What are the time frames on your trial? What is your B2M doing?



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