Trial & IgA up

Beth, our numbers are almost identical. Dr. Gary Schiller (we email back and forth) said the other markers as in anemia, hypercalcemia, kidney function, bones, are all in normal range so treatment is not so immediate, we have time to think about it. He has a trial opening August 7 or so of Velcade and Doxil. I’m going for that one. I cannot abide Dex again either.


  1. Beth

    I think that may be my next treatment. How are you doing now? What’s your dosing schedule like? Do you go two days a week for two days and then 2 days off?

    How’s the weather out there?

  2. igakappa

    I figure Revlimid can be my next drug if my insurance covers it. Too soon to tell is Velcade + Doxil is working but I feel great, very few symptoms except the second day. Much the same as the first time I had my Zometa infusion.

  3. Beth

    I want to hold out for Revlimid. I really hope we can get it soon.


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