Truth in Fur Labeling Act Can Save Cats and Dogs

Every year in China, millions of cats and dogs are killed for their fur which is then exported to countries around the world, including the U.S. While it is strictly illegal to sell cat and dog fur in America, there is a loophole that makes the law almost impossible to enforce. That is, clothing stores are allowed to sell fur garments without specifying whether the fur is real or synthetic, the species of animal the fur comes from or the country where the garments were made as long as the fur’s value is $150 or less. This means that as many as 500,000 or one in seven fur garments sold in the U.S. lack labels specifying this important information. This leaves most American consumers unaware that their clothing could contain dog and cat fur, but most would be disgusted and outraged if they knew. Read the rest and take action.

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