UNC BMT Center

I had an appointment with Dr. Comeau at the UNC BT Center today. I liked the staff there. Everyone was extremely nice. UNC does their transplants inpatient, rather than outpatient (like Duke). I have a lot to think about. I learned something that I didn’t know before today. The first thing was that my bone marrow biopsy in February indicated 60% plasma cells, rather than the 30-40% I was originally told. I was also told that there was no iron store in my marrow at the time. What’s odd is that I have never been anemic! Anyway, I need to have another bone marrow biopsy in the next month or so to see how it’s coming along.

Overall though, the doctor told me I have excellent prognostic indicators. My beta-2 microglobulin was low (now normal). My c-reactive protein is low. I have no chromosomal abnormalities. I’m young and otherwise healthy. He showed me some studies that have been done pertaining to stem cell transplants.

I’m not ready to do this in the next month or so. I know that for sure.