Uncle Fester

I think I look like Uncle Fester. All I need is an ankle length black coat with a (faux) fur collar. If you run across anything like this, let me know. I need one for my wardrobe.

You probably think I’m just joking!

It seems like little bits of hair are starting to grow. I predict that I’ll have what could be thought of as a normal amount of hair by spring. I can’t remember what happened last year. It seemed as though I had a short curly head of hair by spring.

This is what my head looks like now.


  1. Laura Domen

    My husband has been through various treatments for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma 4x in 10 years AND 1 stem-cell transfer in 2007. His 50th birthday is in Oct 2010; needless to say it will be a costume party. He wants to go as Uncle Fester because he left his head shaved after the last chemos. IF anyone has gone as Uncle Fester for something – we are looking for a coat.

  2. pvdubose

    Hi Beth,

    David only lost @ half of his hair, but it looks worse than being bald. I tried to talk him into shaving his head by telling him that I’d alway had the “hots” for Uncle Fester, so sexy and smooth he was. Didn’t work. He just wears a baseball cap everywhere. Dave did lose all of the hair on certain unmentionable parts……I can’t resist teasing.
    Myeloma humor gets pretty “sick” in our house too, but our humor has always been strange.
    I can’t wait for the stool story too. As a hospital microbiologist, I seen a lot !!

    best wishes,


  3. Margaret

    Hey there, Fester, looking good! I have always wanted curly hair. My hair is thick and wavy, but not curly. So I say, go for the curl! And Sunshine, we should all get together some day and see who can come up with the best myeloma humor. Bring on the stool sample stories! ;-) Margaret in Florence, Italy (a gorgeous windy sunny day, here)

  4. sunshine

    Sometimes you just have to laugh because it can be a choice… instead of crying.
    The myeloma humor at our house might be difficult for civilians to understand.

  5. tk

    Richard shaved his eyebrows once after chemo. He’s got kind of buggy eyes naturally. He really looked like Uncle Fester.

  6. sunshine

    We can hardly wait for your story of the stool sample.
    Meanwhile: Grow, hair, Grow!!


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