Unusual lab report

I was shocked when I saw a copy of my most recent lab report. My IgA was at 1080 mg/dL! It was just 676 a few weeks ago. The m-spike a few weeks ago (3/20) was 0.7 g/dL. This time, there are two m-spikes. One is 0.44 g/dL and the other is 0.13 g/dL.

This IS from a different lab, but it’s about a 100 higher than the last test I had done through this lab.


Test Result Ref. Range



  1. Jude

    @#%@! I think I’d run the test again before any action. I was supposed to start cycle 6 but Dr. Schiller says enough is enough. My M-spike went up to 1.1 and Alk Phos is hovering around 200. Terrible PN. G. Ferraro told me what she takes for PN???it is on Dana Farber web???and once I began the 1500 Acetyl L-Carnitine 2x/day plus Glutamine 10 g, it is now decreasing. Had to stop swimming again ???too cold. (plus my ribs sort of hurt).

  2. minnesotadon

    Hmmm. Well the good news is that the two spikes don’t add up as high as the one spike was. The other good news is that the numbers are really pretty low, in an absolute sense. I have MGUS and my numbers are IgG 2430, spike 1.70.

    IgA (or IgG) can fluctuate somewhat in response to infections or disease that the body is fighting off at the moment. Perhaps that’s what is going on.

    Best wishes for a happy Easter Beth.


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