It’s been a while since I posted much, so here are some updates.

It’s my time to do 4 days of dex (40 mg each day). This time I feel extra tired and hope I can sleep tonight. I plan on taking something to help me sleep. 3 more days to go.

I had a flat tire on my new car. Since when does a new tire cost $140?

Acupuncture has helped the tingling and weird feeling in my hands. I’m going for more on Friday. I really hope this is tax deductable, because it costs a fortune to go 1-2 times a week. Even if you have insurance, a serious illness really kills your finances.

There’s a really interesting article about sleep and cancer here:
Stanford Study

I got a new spam & virus filter machine at work, and can’t wait to get it! We filter all our dialup/DSL customer email for junk mail & viruses, so this one is for web hosting customers.


  1. nameBob Oberle

    commentI’d be honored to spring for a lunch or something if you’d like…Live in Chantilly, a stone’s throw from Dulles Airport. I am quite honored that you put my monograph in the files…thanks.

  2. nameBob

    commentDear Beth: I AM IMPRESSED! It takes a lot of guts to bare your soul! Congrats! And, no, a new tire should not cost $140.00 unless you buy a tire guaranteed forever! Try NTB, or even KMart for a decent (60K mile guarantee) tire!

  3. Beth

    Thanks. I just bought the tire at a local tire shop. It took them 2 weeks to get it in. I wonder if it was a rare tire? :) It’s a large Michelin model. I feel good about going on trips now! I will be up in VA in October, seeing my sister in Charlottesville. We’ll make a side trip to the DC area for a show at the Birchmere.

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