I had read someplace that the protein needs of people with cancer are higher than that of the general population. I also saw on one of my Dana-Farber handouts that people on steroids need more protein. I fit into both categories. When I first learned I had MM, I became a vegetarian. Actually I was vegan for a while. I didn’t have any animal products. I started having meat again about a year ago. I’m not sure why, exactly. It’s not like it’s the best thing for me. Unless you can find organic, you’ll be exposed to all kinds of toxins just by eating meat and fish.

Recently I found Gardenburger meals, and tried a few. They’re pretty good! They don’t contain preservatives and all the chemicals other packaged foods do. I don’t really know all the details. Just what I read on the box. I’m not trying to do a commercial! These things are quick & easy, and will hopefully prevent me from eating things that are potentially bad for me when I’m in a hurry. My appetite is out of control sometimes, thanks to dex, and my Doc wants me to lose weight before I have a SCT.

The Gardenburger web site