Very crabby lately

I’ve been very, very crabby lately. I think it’s because I just came off of 4 months of high dose dex. I’m not sure. I’ll have to report this to my doctor when I see him next week. I don’t want to take more dex, so that’s not a solution to the problem. I also think that I may be having a hard time dealing with a cancer for which there’s no cure. For me, it’s been 3+ years of constant treatment and I haven’t been able to stop without seeing my IgA take off. It makes me consider, more and more, doing a stem cell transplant. I’ll see Dr. Durie in August at the IMF patient & family seminar, so I can ask him what he thinks. He has told me before that my MM isn’t aggressive enough to warrant a SCT. I wonder about my QOL though. SCT could possibly give me years of remission (or not — who knows?). I still have a few more month on this Rev/dex EAP, so I will stay on that until the drug is no longer free.

I apologize to friends & family to whom I’ve been short or have been ignoring in an effort to avoid having to interact with people. I need this time to myself and it’s better that I not offend people for now. I hope you’ll understand!

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