The last time my sister visited from Virginia, we did some searching on the web to find out if the University of Virginia has a BMT/SCT program. If they did, it would resolve one of my problems concerning the transplant process. Whether it’s done inpatient or outpatient, a caregiver is required. In my case, the fact that I don’t live very close to even the most nearby BMT centers (Duke or UNC), means that my caregivers would need to relocate too. Of course they would do whatever’s required, but, if that could be avoided, we would all feel better.

UVA does have a transplant program. I have an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Ross on August 2nd. I also have an appointment next week with with Dr. Comeau at UNC. I want to choose the place that’s best for me overall, so I’m looking at a few different places. I emailed Duke, but got no reply, so I will call them to see if they can make an appointment for me there too. I have to get a list of my questions together. I don’t know if other people “shop” like this too, but it’s a huge deal to me. I’m not in a dire medical situation, so I have the time.

I want to see the facility and meet the staff. I want to know what their high dose chemo regimen is and what other meds they prescribe. How do they handle emergencies? How long will I be hospitalized?

If you can think of other questions I need to ask, please let me know! I have a week before my first appointment.