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This morning I got a call from the doc at Wake Forest University, telling me they’re now enrolling people in the Rev/dex EAP trial. That was good news for me. Winston-Salem is a lot better drive for me than Charlotte. I have an appointment next week. I’m dreading the dex, but am hoping it helps me.

Here is a quote published in Cure magazine this month from Dr. Paul Richardson, MD, clinical director of the Jerome Lipper Multiple Myeloma Center at Dana Farber Cancer Institute:
“I don’t want to overstate the case, but in myeloma patients who do respond to Revlimid, which is about one-third of patients, they can enjoy very durable disease control on the agent.”

Dr. Richardson is a wonderful, caring person. I wish I lived closer to Boston so he could be my doctor. :)

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  1. gregj777

    My sister has been diagnosed with MM and is presently at a rehab facility in Hickory, NC and is reconsidering her treatment. I noticed you mentioned WFU in Winston-Salem NC which is where I live, and she wants to contact a doctor there. Can you give me the name of a contact at WFU? She feels fine at the moment, she says she could get up and walk right out of the place- but the damage to the bones inher back is too severe. Please email me at gregj777@mac.com if you can give me a contact name. Thanks and best wishes to you.


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