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When you visit any web site, certain things are logged. If your web hosting provider is worth anything, you’ll be able to see web statistics reports, which will put that logged information in a usable format for you. You’ll get some basic info about who comes (hostnames only – no real identity) to your site and how they got there (referrer). When someone types in some search terms in Google, for example, those are logged too. Over the months, I’ve seen a lot of the same search terms come up over and over. I’ve searched for some of the same things myself, and haven’t always found an answer.

I see search strings like: myeloma blog, side effects of thalidomide and others. Something that comes up every now and then is, “what is it like to die from myeloma?” I don’t have the answer to that. I’ve seen it asked on the ACOR MM list too, and never saw a reply. Myeloma isn’t the same for any two people during the course of the disease, so I imagine it doesn’t end any two peoples’ lives in quite the same way either. I have read that often something like pneumonia will be how a myeloma death will occur. I used to wonder about that a lot after I was first diagnosed. I no longer do.

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