What IS this?

This doesn’t have anything to do with MM, most likely. I can’t remember having an insect bite or walking into any unusual foliage. It’s been at least 3 weeks since my last chemo, so I don’t think it can be a reaction to that. I’ve had shingles a couple of times, so I’m familiar with how that would look and know it’s not that. This rash itches, but not so much that I have to claw at it. I can pretty much ignore it. It’s about 3 inches above my ankle on my left leg. What is it?



  1. Justine

    Hi Beth,

    Did you ever find out what this rash is? It looks like the one I have on my leg.


  2. jp

    this looks like what i have now on the top of my foot. i don’t remember being bitten or walking near plants, did either of you ever find out what it was? i thanks, jp.

  3. Peter

    Hi Beth. I to have MM and am now on Revlemid. Strange rahes developing on my legs. No itch / sensitivity.
    My MD suspects blood cel damage !? Back to the Onk in two weeks. Will kep you posted.
    Stay strong.
    Kind regards.

    • Beth

      Does it look like petechiae? Is that what’s making your doc think it’s related to blood cells? Maybe thrombocytopenia (low platelets)?

  4. autumn

    Iv got that same rash, same spot, but Iv had it fore over a year…what is it!?

    • Beth

      Ooooh. Mine was a spider bite, I think. It went away completely within a few weeks. If yours has been there over a year, have you told your doctor about it?

  5. Michelle

    I have that same rash on my left lower leg. I also have something else on my right lower leg and ankle. They are a group of red sores or some kind of bite by an insect. It doesn’t hurt, it just looks nasty.
    I’ve been putting neosporin cream on it and covering it with a large bandaid.
    When I’m in the sun it feeling like it’s burning. Also chlorine water makes it worse.
    Help I just want it to go away.

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