What nobody tells you about pools

When you have a pool, you have to turn off the pump at night. If you don’t, you’ll find dead animals in your skimmer. I found a product called FrogLog, that I set up at night to help little animals get out of the pool if they fall in. Since I’ve been turning off the pump and setting out the FrogLogs, I haven’t found anything in my skimmer, thank goodness. Tonight though, I did find a mouse swimming. I fished him out with a net, but I think he was beyond exhaustion. He hasn’t moved since I set him down on a soft bit of grass. I hope he recovers. I don’t know what else I can do for him. I’ll check on him later. For now, I would guess he needs to rest and not have the bejesus scared out of him by a giant with a flashlight every few minutes.

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